Why E.G.G. Technic?

  • The E.G.G. Technical team competently manages sailing yachts in Göcek / Fethiye. Dealing with mechanical and electrical problems and their solutions, sails, deck hardware, polyester, woodwork care and repairs are part of the daily routine for our experienced technical team.
  • E.G.G. Yachting technical services act as the Göcek representative of Jeanneau. They handle the yachts over the winter, and provide management services throughout the seasons for boats based in Göcek. Our highly qualified team is at your service to take care of your yacht, including all kinds of dry dock work, electrical and mechanical work and installation of new marine equipment.
  • E.G.G. Technic's high quality boat care and maintenance packages for private yacht owners provide maximum sailing pleasure and safety.

In the unlikely event that a problem arises on your sailing trip, our professional office team (who speak both German & English) and our technicians will be at your service. One call will suffice, and we will organise everything for you as quickly as possible.

E.G.G. Yachting Technical services are insured by ERGO and currently employ over 10 technicians to carry out marine services.

Season Services


  • Washing of yacht
  • Running engine & generator
  • Checking bilges, keeping them dry continuously
  • Checking water leaks
  • Checking batteries and battery charger output
  • Charging batteries by plugging in shore power cables
  • Checking mooring lines & fenders

Preparation for arrival

  • A complete navigation system check
  • Washing of decks, rinsing and drying of hatches and stainless steel polishing
  • Re-filling of gas bottles and water tanks
  • Dinghy check
  • Laundry services (upon request)
  • Provisoning (upon request)
  • Intensive interior cleaning (upon request)

Wintering Services

  • Planning of recomended technical services at the owner's request.
  • Inspection of upholstery, removing from board, cleaning and repairing if needed
  • Storage of cushions and all upholstery in dry conditions
  • Mast and rigging check
  • Inspections, cleaning, repairing and dry storage of sails
  • Washing of all ropes and stowed away correctly
  • Inspection of standing and running equipment
  • Inspection of navigation instruments
  • Inspection of plumbing system and pumps
  • Lay up engine and generator

Pre-season Services

  • Service of diesel engine and generator
  • Service of electrical equipment
  • Service of outboard
  • Service of heads (toilets) and holding tanks
  • Service of winches and windlass
  • Service of deck hardware and running rigging
  • Service of sails and covers
  • Antifouling
  • Hull and deck polishing
  • Teak cleaning
  • Polyester and gel coated repairs
  • Service for safety equipment
  • Service of bow thruster
  • Dry-dock work and standard under water maintenance, replacement of anodes, service of sea valves, shafts, propellers, and rudder system

Complementary Services

  • Caretaking Service
  • Yacht Cleaning services
  • Provisioning goods
  • Transitlog formalities
  • Provide transfers to/from airport
  • The following services can be arranged by E.G.G. Technic in co-operation with authorised and recognised companies: Electronic repairs, wood work, sail repairs, upholstery, air-conditioning, refrigeration repairs, stainless steel work, life rafts and fire extinguishers.

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