The first objective is;

to assist you in purchasing your boat and providing advice when choosing a boat to meet your requirements and budget.

We also assist in the ongoing technical maintenance of your boat.

We will help you to ensure that your choice will realise the second and third objectives of this programme.



The second objective is;

chartering the boat through the worldwide sales network of E.G.G. Yachting.

The income generated by chartering will be used to reduce or even cut out the annual marina costs, insurance and technical expenses.

This income will also allow E.G.G. Yachting to maintain your boat in good condition and fit for charter.



The third objective is;

to maximise the number of charter weeks, so that you can start to recover your costs.

This is the third, but most important, objective because it turns boat ownership into a profitable investment.

E.G.G. Ownership Programme

  • E.G.G. Yachting assists and advises potential boat owners on the most convenient way of purchasing a boat, which can be efficiently chartered with minimum effort.
  • Our boats are managed within an established and secure charter scheme, which has been operating for many years, and provides ongoing technical maintenance
  • As a part of the charter scheme, all the technical details including configuration of the boat, purchasing process and chartering (apart from registration and finance) will be handled by E.G.G. Yachting.
  • E.G.G. Yachting is happy to share their long-standing knowledge and expertise with boat owners and work alongside them in partnership to assist in the right choice of boat and equipment.
  • E.G.G. Yachting will suggest alternative types of boats within a fleet to maximise the profitability of each boat. This enables the owner to recoup their investment as quickly as possible.

Why E.G.G.?

  • We will direct future boat owners to the most suitable boats to meet their requirements and chartering business.
  • We will assist future boat owners in their negotiations with boat manufacturers to ensure the best price options.
  • We will organise the purchase and delivery with the boat seller.
  • We will resolve all technical problems, including guarantee and maintenance agreements.
  • We will provide 24/7 technical support and periodic maintenance planning.
  • Chartering-related costs, including marina fees, shipyard and insurance will be covered.
  • We offer flexible contract conditions.
  • We work with reliable insurance companies to minimise the risks of chartering.
  • We give priority to boat owners during fleet re-organisations and replacements.
  • We support boat owners to get the best value in the second hand market at the end of the charter life of the boat.

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