EGG Yachting, a leading yacht charter company in Turkey, aims to offer the largest available coverage to charter customers and yacht owners against any sort of damages and losses.

To achieve this target, E.G.G. Yachting has special agreements with Germany’s well known yacht insurance companies.

Our boats, customers and yacht owners are secured by HLP Hanse Agentur GmbH&Co KG for more than 15 years including hull insurance, yacht liability insurance, loss of charter hire insurance and insolvency insurance.

Insurances offered by E.G.G. Yachting

  • Hull Insurance
  • Yacht Liability Insurance
  • Loss of Charter Insurance
  • Insolvency Insurance
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance (Optional)
  • Charter Security Deposit Insurance (Optional)
  • Skipper’s Liability Insurance (Optional)

Hull Insurance

All the boats in E.G.G. Yachting flotilla are fully covered with their actual values with fully comprehensive hull insurance. Hull insurance covers all sorts of damages caused by charter customers, yacht owners and nature.

Charter security deposit amount covers and equal to deductible (retention) payable in the event of damage occurring. Please check Charter Deposit Insurance section below.

Yacht Liability Insurance

All the boats are covered by Yacht Liability Insurance that protects our charter customers and yacht owners from any financial risk of damage/loss to 3rd parties for which you are culpable for causing with our yacht. This insurance also protects you from unjustified claims.

Loss of Charter Insurance

In case of big damages such as grounding, the repair/preparation process may take longer than expected and the boat may not be ready till the next charter period. Loss of Charter Insurance covers a certain amount the financial loss of upcoming charter customers and yacht owners while the boat is not operating.

Insolvency Insurance

This insurance secures the payments between charter customer and charter agency or E.G.G. Yachting. If charter customer makes an agreement with an agency that has an agreement with Yachtpool or Pantaenius, this insurance automatically covers all the payments between customer and agency or E.G.G. Yachting.

If the agency has no agreement with Yachtpool or Pantaenius, our customers are advised to get this coverage from other providers individually or ask E.G.G. Yachting for advice.

Travel Cancellation Insurance (Optional)

If the skipper is rendered incapable through an insured event/ circumstance, the costs of the entire charter sailing trip will be compensated with a deduction for the payable excess (deductible). If a crew member is rendered incapable, this insurance will pay the appropriate proportional amount of compensation less the payable excess (deductible). The curtailment of travel during the sailing trip is also insured.

The unused proportion of the charter fee, less the excess, is covered by this insurance. The costs of travel to and from the location can also be insured.

Even though this sort of incidents are very rare, E.G.G. Yachting customers are advised to get this coverage for their peace of mind.

Charter Security Deposit Insurance (Optional)

E.G.G. Yachting charter yachts are covered with fully comprehensive hull insurance. The charter security deposit covers and equal to a deductible (retention) payable in the event of damage occurring.

If damage is sustained by the yacht during the sailing trip, E.G.G. Yachting is entitled to retain all or part of the security deposit paid. This guarantee insurance for charter security deposits cover this financial risk.

So in case of accident or damage of the boat, for being fully covered, we advise our customers to get this optional coverage as well.

Skipper’s Liability Insurance (Optional)

In some cases, skipper’s general insurances including personal ones may not cover all the loss because of the limitations or skipper’s personal mistakes or crew may request additional compensation with valid reasons. So this insurance covers this difference and protects skipper against 3rd parties’ losses.

Important Notice

In emergency situations, you must keep calm and should contact directly with our base Office through emergency phone number to get necessary support. E.G.G. Yachting also advises to review information brochure to understand necessary steps in emergency situations.

Legal Notice

E.G.G. Yachting is not an insurance agency nor company and does not offer any sort of consultancy services about insurance policies. E.G.G. Yachting also has no responsibility regarding the insurance policies mentioned above. Obligations and rules of the insurance company and/or policies are valid in the event of damage occurring.

You can always contact with respective insurance companies for details and more information.

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