Standard documents, forms and general information for your use and assistance are listed below.

You can download any document by right-clicking on your mouse on the link and selecting "Save as.."

E.G.G. Base Information Names and contact information of our team and sales office.
E.G.G. Price List Our fleet information with general features of the boats and price list
E.G.G. Yacht General Charter Conditions General Charter Conditions
E.G.G. Yacht and Boat Telephone Numbers Complete list of mobile phone numbers which is a part of standard equipment list.
E.G.G. List of Equipment of Boats Detailed information about our fleet with a complete equipment list for each boat.
E.G.G. Transfer Prices Our operations department is at your disposal for additional transfer requirements.
E.G.G. Crew List Form Please don't forget to fill it in and send the form to us at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your holiday as it is a legal requirement by the authorities.
E.G.G. Shopping List Do your shopping at home. Please use this form if you want our team to help you with your shopping for the holiday.

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